Migrate Your Website to Us

Vincent is our client, who runs a small printing business. He had no technical knowledge at all, and after we helped him rebuild his website. He complained to us about the web hosting and email service provider, who charges quite a bit per year, but has very poor service quality. The on-site service didn’t solve the problem but still sent him a bill for over $100.

What’s happened from the technical side?

We did a free audit to the previous service provider and service package Vincent ordered. We found some big problems.

  • Dangerous server environment (PHP 5.6)
    • PHP 5.6 is EOL!!! (It’s like you still using Windows XP in 2020)
  • No SSL protection
    • The browser will display unsafe when users browse your web site.
  • No backup

Move to Atomania: Faster and no extract charge

Our primary concern is security, this service listed below are included in our web hosting plan by default for free.

  • Website/Server updates – Free
  • SSL/HTTPS protection – Free
  • Regular backup – Free

Save your money

Since Vincent migrated his site to us, he hasn’t paid another bill because our server is secure and stable. And Atomania can guarantee no charge if the problem is not resolved.