Case Study

Migrate Your Website to Us

Vincent is our client, who runs a small printing business. He had no technical knowledge at all, and after we helped him rebuild his website. He complained to us about the web hosting and email service provider, who charges quite a bit per year, but has very poor service quality. The on-site service didn’t solve the problem but still sent him a bill for over $100.

What’s happened from the technical side?

We did a free audit to the previous service provider and service package Vincent ordered. We found some big problems.

  • Dangerous server environment (PHP 5.6)
    • PHP 5.6 is EOL!!! (It’s like you still using Windows XP in 2020)
  • No SSL protection
    • The browser will display unsafe when users browse your web site.
  • No backup

Move to Atomania: Faster and no extract charge

Our primary concern is security, this service listed below are included in our web hosting plan by default for free.

  • Website/Server updates – Free
  • SSL/HTTPS protection – Free
  • Regular backup – Free

Save your money

Since Vincent migrated his site to us, he hasn’t paid another bill because our server is secure and stable. And Atomania can guarantee no charge if the problem is not resolved.

Case Study

Surprising Technology Trends We Can Expect In 2021

Predicting what will happen in 2021 in terms of pretty much anything right now sounds like a game of Russian Roulette. No one can truly foretell how the rest of the year will play out, given the pandemic that has taken over the world. Automatically, we will all have a harder time predicting the way technology developments will look like. However, one thing is certain: the technology trends that we can all witness today have largely contributed to the way we are coping with the global Covid-19 pandemic. They are also the ones that will help us better tackle all the new challenges coming our way in the near future.

Living In The The Digital Worldvirtual reality

The fact that we are forced to work from home and limit the rest of our human interactions has forced us to spend more time online than ever. It also means that we have started using more technology. 

The digital world has turned into the new hangout place for lots of people since the pandemic has forced us to remain stranded indoors. We can expect this trend to occur at a faster pace in the future, and also to incorporate even more tech trends in the upcoming year. Here are a few of the most important technology trends that may have a critical role in helping us live our new lives and better cope with the new reality we are all facing right now. From shopping online to working and interacting with friends and loved ones, things like Artificial Intelligence, drones and robots will continue to make a difference. 

AI to Help Us Understand the New World We Live in

Artificial Intelligence is, without a doubt, one of the greatest technology trends at the moment, and 2021 will shed even more light on it. AI is a great aid that can help us get a deeper understanding of the new world we are all gradually getting used to and the way it will look like in the future. With large volumes of medical data that needs to be collected periodically and the need to keep implementing successful prevention measures, machine learning algorithms will need to rely on even more information. The data should help us better predict the exact demand for healthcare services and enable the administration to make better calls regarding the deployment of necessary resources.

Since shopping and other forms of human interaction will occur mostly online, businesses will need to rely on AI to assess people’s behaviors and help them make the necessary changes in terms of budgeting and infrastructures.

Drones and Robots for Social Interaction

The use of robots in the healthcare sector for the elderly and other categories of vulnerable patients is no news to anyone. However, the need for these services will keep increasing in the upcoming months, especially given the higher need to interact with the most vulnerable members of the society who are most susceptible to the Covid-19 infection. Robotics are expected to help generate 24-hour in-home assistance, or to provide new types of companionship alternatives when sending nurses to patients’ homes is not possible.

Corporations and office buildings will still need to handle the cleaning and maintenance and robotics could help with important matters like upkeep and protection.

Drones are also expected to be used even more often in order to deliver crucial medicines. They will feature special options like algorithms that rely on computer vision for supervizing footfalls in those regions that have a higher risk of Covid-19 transmission.

We can also expect extended reality such as virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to become more popular in 2021 and beyond. With the help of special glasses and headsets that can project images generated by computers straight to our field of view, we could prevent situations that could be dangerous and risky in terms of viral transmission during medical examinations. The two technologies could make medical consults available from any remote location, similarly to the way passionate gamers can visit the website of a top casino online and enjoy virtual or live casino gaming from the comfort of their home, from a remote distance.

For example, there is a solution that allows eye tests to be performed by opticians. Using Virtual Reality and HD cameras that can give a very clear image of the eye, doctors could assist patients without having to perform any physical consultations. The same solution should allow patients to make their pick from a rich selection of glasses and try them on without having to leave their homes.

While predicting exactly what will happen in the upcoming months is difficult for a variety of reasons, we can expect a lot of impressive technologies to be used more often as a means of simplifying our new lifestyles.